Amazon: $100 Unlocked Phone Reward Promotion

Tracfone, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless are offering a $100 reward when you buy any $100+ unlocked phone on Amazon! Read more about this amazing deal below!

Get $100 reward on Unlocked Phone (Kind of FREE Phone worth of $100)

This is an offer where you’ll get $100 back (in the form of an Amazon gift card, Venmo payment, or Mastercard eGift card) when you buy any $100+ unlocked phone with a SIM kit and activate service with Tracfone, Simple Mobile, or Total Wireless before 12/31/20.

Steps to follow:

There are 3 items you need to buy:

  1. unlocked phone (from Amazon Shipped & sold only)
  2. SIM kit (from Amazon Shipped & sold only)
  3. airtime card (from anywhere)

The only condition is that the unlocked phone and SIM kit must be purchased at the same time from and be on the same receipt. The items also have to be shipped and sold by Amazon to be valid. The airtime card can be purchased from anywhere.

Links to Items Required

First, you need to figure out which carriers is having good signal in your area from these 3 providers – Tracfone, Simple Mobile, or Total Wireless then buy  SIM kit and Airtime card you want to purchase. For instance, if you’re going to use Tracfone for this deal, buy the SIM Kit and Airtime card from the Tracfone links (1 quantity of each).

Here are the links to the items:


Unlocked Phones

You can see all the unlocked phones here [Amazon].

You can stack this promotion on top of all the current Samsung, Moto, LG, etc. promos to get the phones for a really good price! I bought the Moto E6 unlocked phone for this deal.

image 1

Remember to buy an unlocked phone that costs $100 or more to qualify for this promo.

Airtime Card

The airtime card at Walmart is a little cheaper and gets delivered through email. If you want to squeeze every last savings, that’s a good option.

Steps To Get Offer

Here are the exact steps to take in order to get the promotion:

  1. Buy an unlocked phone that cost at least $100 and a SIM kit on Amazon
  2. Purchase of the phone and SIM kit must be purchased on Amazon at the same time
  3. You can buy the airtime card at Amazon or any other retailer
  4. Activate SIM when you receive the order (very important)
  5. After 24 hours of activation, go here to claim your $100 reward (upload receipt, SIM info, and phone serial number)
  6. Receive $100 in the form of an Amazon gift card, Venmo payment, or Mastercard eGift card

Submitting Proof Of Purchase For $100 Reward

Submission Link

Submitting the required proof of purchase to get the $100 rebate reward is easy. Once you purchase the required items and activated the service, simply click the link above to upload your receipt and information.

This is the actual screenshot of the form. There are only 7 fields to fill out:

After you submit the form, you’ll get an email in a few days asking what your rewards preference is. Once you answer that, it takes between 1-3 days for them to send it over.

I chose Venmo and got it 2 days after I responded to their email:

Terms & Conditions For Amazon $100 Reward Promotion

  • This promotion is valid for a $100 Reward when you purchase a $100+ unlocked smartphone with a qualifying SIM Kit and activate service on Tracfone, SIMPLE Mobile or Total Wireless between 10/12/20 and 12/31/2020.
  • The Unlocked Smartphone and Tracfone, SIMPLE Mobile or Total Wireless SIM Kit purchase must be on the same receipt.
  • Purchases must be sold and shipped by Amazon.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other eGift card offer and is for new Tracfone/SIMPLE Mobile/Total Wireless customers only.
  • $100 Reward will be delivered based on your choice of an Amazon eGift Card, Venmo payment, or MasterCard eGift Card.
  • Tracfone, SIMPLE Mobile and Total Wireless are brands of TracFone Wireless, Inc. d/b/a Tracfone, SIMPLE Mobile, and Total Wireless. TracFone Wireless, Inc. is the sponsor (“Sponsor”) of this Promotion. For full details go to
  • Once you have purchased your qualifying unlocked smartphone AND your service is activated with a new SIM Kit from Tracfone, SIMPLE Mobile or Total Wireless, please proceed to registering for this promotion at To complete registration, you will need to have your proof of purchase handy. Please ensure your service is activated, otherwise, you will receive an error when submitting your SIM Card Serial Number.
  • Once your registration has been processed and validated, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your selected $100 reward.
  • Cash Back Rewards issued via Venmo may take up to five (5) days to deliver. Amazon eGift Cards and MasterCard eGift Cards may take up to 72 hours to deliver.
  • Limited to one (1) submission/reward per person/email.

The Bottom Line

Really great deal!

I’d select the Venmo payment or Mastercard eGift card for it to be truly cash back, although I know that some ninja readers are crazy for Amazon gift cards too. Honestly, you can’t go wrong – all 3 rewards are strong (my rapping skills are showing!).

You also don’t need to keep the service. Once you activate the SIM card, you’re not required to renew again and since it’s an unlocked phone, you can now use it however you want.


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