Cleo sign up bonus: $5 New User Reward And Cash Back

If you are looking for an advanced money-tracking platform, there is something for you. Cleo is an AI chatbot that helps you keep track of your money by analyzing your account transaction data.

Cleo is a personal finance app that helps you get ahead plus earn cash back on your spending. It’s the only financial app to offer three unique services: Cleo Cash Back, Cleo sign up bonus Cleo Referrals, and their exclusive Plus Plan.

The Cleo sign-up bonus can be compared to the Bright money sign-up bonus, where you will get $25 sign up bonus for joining waitlist.

Cleo sign-up Promotion: $5 Welcome Bonus

Cleo is offering a $5 sign-up bonus to new users, who sign up through a referral link, connect your bank account and create a free Cleo wallet.

You can get this $5 bonus by linking a bank account and creating a free Cleo Wallet. Then you may transfer the money to your linked account right away.

How to Claim a $5 Cleo Sign-up bonus?

  • To download the Cleo App, click the above button on your phone (or enter the promotional code “helpingdesi” during sign-up).
  • In a few minutes, you can create your free Cleo account.
  • To get the $5 bonus, sign up for an account and connect it to your bank account.
  • Receive a $5 bonus when you create and fund your free Cleo Wallet.
  • The bonus will be added to your new Cleo Wallet immediately upon creation.
  • You can withdraw your $5 bonus to your bank account immediately.

Cleo Referral Program Get a $5 Referral Bonus.

When you become a Cleo user, for every person you refer to us and who signs up for a new account, we’ll give you $5.

How to earn a $5 Cleo referral bonus?

  1. Get your referral link from the Account menu.
  2. Promote the referral link by forwarding it to friends and family members.
  3. Your referral must register through your personal link.
  4. To get $5, your referral must sign up for personal banking.
  5. To check on your referrals, send a message “check progress” to Cleo. Or, tap the referral card in the home carousel.

Cleo Cash Back On Your Spending

Cleo, a cashback app, helps you save money on your favorite shopping sites by giving you up to 7 percent rebates. Just link your debit card and shop away!

How Do You Earn Cash Back by Using the Cleo App?

Cleo is a free app on iOS and Android that automatically earns points when you shop at certain locations. You can let the app search for merchants it already knows about (and link directly to your bank card, so receipts are no hassle!) or pick things for yourself by typing them in manually.

What does Cleo Plus Offer?

Cleo Plus (Cleo+) costs $5.99 monthly and includes access to Cleo Rewards and Cleo Cover.

  • Cleo Rewards points are earned when you use your Cleo card to make transactions, sign up for partner programs or refer a friend.
  • You can earn points by shopping on Amazon, referring friends to the site, or creating a budget.
  • You may choose up to 5 active offers at any given time and receive points for each purchase you make with them.
  • You can exchange your points for reward items like free coffee, gift cards, and Uber trips by using the points you earn from completing offers.

Offers change frequently, and you can earn points as you participate until you have enough to redeem for the Rewards of your choice. As a Cleo Plus Promotion member,​you’ll also have access to Cleo Cover—which protects up to $100 in overdraft fees on First Hawaiian Bank-issued debit cards.

Cleo Plus will continue adding new features in the months ahead, but customers can now enjoy Cleo Rewards and Cleo Cover for just $5.99 per month!

How does Cleo work?

Cleo is a mobile app that allows you to track your spending, set budgets and receive notifications when you’re approaching your limit. Cleo can also be used to pay bills, splitting them automatically between different accounts if desired.


Cleo is a credit card for millennials. It’s a card that you can use for everything from groceries to clothing, travel, and more. The best thing about Cleo is that it offers rewards on your everyday spending and cashback bonuses on special categories like gas, restaurants, or grocery stores (up to 10% cash back). Plus, there’s no annual fee! We’re so excited about this offer because we know how hard it is to find great credit cards with low fees and good rewards programs – especially if you’re new at managing money well enough for them to be useful.”

Aditya Shukla

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