15 Costco Membership Benefits You May Not Know About

Are you a Costco member? If not, you may miss out on some amazing benefits that could save money and improve your shopping experience. Costco is a membership warehouse club that offers the best prices on quality brand-name merchandise. 

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In this blog post, we’ll share 15 Costco membership benefits that may surprise and delight you.

Costco Membership
15 Costco Membership Benefits You May Not Know About 1

15 Costco Membership Benefits You May Not Know About

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy as a Costco member:

1. Discounts on glasses and contacts

Costco members can get deep discounts on glasses and contacts

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2. Free tech support

Costco offers free tech support to its members.

3. Free extended warranty

 Members can get a free second year of warranty on a wide variety of products at no additional charge

4. Travel services

Costco partners with hotel chains, car rental companies, and cruise lines to offer great deals on travel

5. Grocery delivery

Members can get free same-day delivery on hundreds of popular items.

6. Prescription medication discounts

 Costco members can join the Costco Member Prescription Program for big discounts on prescription medication

7. Insurance

Costco offers auto, home and condo, renters, umbrella, specialty, and business insurance through CONNECT, which American Family Insurance backs.

8. Discounted retailer gift cards and event tickets

Costco Members can buy discounted retailer gift cards and event tickets.

9. Identity protection

 Costco offers credit monitoring, alerts when there is suspicious activity on your accounts, and help with recovery if your identity is stolen

10. Business services

 Costco offers promotional logo products, phone services, bottled water delivery, and other business services.

11. Discounted gas

 Members can save money on gas at Costco gas stations.

12. Mortgages

 Costco offers mortgage services to its members

13. Free shopping for friends

 Anyone with a Costco card can bring two friends to the Costco Warehouse for shopping

14. Costco Anywhere Visa

Costco partners with Citi Bank and offers a reward card called the Costco Anywhere Visa, which offers cash back on purchases

15. In-store clinic

Costco membership entitles you to discounts at their in-store clinic.

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