Hotstar Renewal Subscription Process 2021 (compleate review)

Hotstar will be automatically renewed at the end of the year if the Credit card or other billing details are valid. You don’t need to do any activities from your end for renewal. In case you have canceled Hotstar then you can re-Signup using promo code: HOT40

Hotstar love their customers so if you want to come back then you are welcome here. Just Re-signup using promo code: HOT40 and you will get same offer what new subscribers are getting. So nothing to Loose. Re-Signup ASAP.

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There is also a Hotstar free trial available for you to try and test it yourself. Hotstar Subscription has been in the streaming game for five years now and has been exceptionally well since then. IPL and Cricket matches make Hotstar Streaming special than its competitors. Millions of people are Renewing Hostsar Subscription with the Hotstar Promo Code: HOT45, to get Instant 10% OFF + $40 Renewal Dealer BONUS.  

And you do not have to face the annoying ad pop-ups with the Hostar Subscription. Indeed the best way to go ad-free and face no commercials at all. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it gets more impressive when you know more about subscription and renewal on discounts on streaming services.

Why should I renew hotstar subscription with the Renewal Promo Code : HOT45 ?

With so many video streaming platforms available, one surely questions why to renew Hotstar subscription? What makes it better and different than the other ones? So let’s clear these general doubts. 

Overwhelming content

There are hundreds of thousands of different video streaming content available on Hotstar Subscription. Live news, sports, movies, web series, TV shows, and every other possible source of graphic entertainment can be found on this platform. Game Of Thrones, The Simpsons, Conan, The Hobbit, How I Met Your Mother, The Mandalorian, Chernobyl are some of the amusing shows and movies available on Hotstar US Subscription. 

How to Apply Hotstar Renewal Promo Code : HOT45 ?

In case, you do not know the billing date of your subscription, you can check this by following these steps:-

  1. Go Hotstar website and do login.
  2. Click on My Account and refer “Valid till <date>”
  3. If you are canceling Hotstar subscription then still it will be valid till the date you paid for. This means you will be eligible to watch 365 days no matter what.
  4. If you are not cancelling the subscription then you are good for automatic renewal if your payment method is valid.
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Hotstar Premium Membership Get an instant discount of $5 + a $10 gift voucher$44.99 $49.99 Visit Hotstar promo code HOT40 and Signup ASAP. Gift vouchers and $40 Dealers offers will be sent at registered email after a successful subscription.

My Personal recoomendation for Itunes Hotstar Subscriber:

Never Subscribe Hotstar through iTunes because you are losing $5 Promo code and also you are not entitled to Many Dealer’s offers. But in case you are Itunes subscriber then your renewal charges will be applicable as per Apple iTunes process and you will be charged Credit/Debit card stored in the iTunes account.

There are 2 ways to renew Hotstar:

Hotstar Auto Renewal:

There is no promo code or discount applicable for Auto renewal. Hotstar annual charges will be automatically deducted from your payment method & you will not get any chance to apply Hotstar US promo code.

Hotstar Returning Customers:

You can search Hotstar promo code and apply to get Hotstar at the cheapest price. I heard you will be getting a $5 Upfront discount and the same offer as new subscribers.

You can cancel the subscription plan or remove your payment method. to stop Hotstar auto-renewal. subscription plan will not be renewed. After that purchase the plan using a discount coupon given below. In this way, you can get a Hotstar premium plan at the cheapest price.

To be specific, Hotstar does not offer any discount coupon or promo code for membership renewal. In fact, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your payment method & you will not get any chance to apply Hotstar US promo code.


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