Hulu in just 99 Cents (Black Friday offer)

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Hulu brought the best black Friday offer. Through November 29th, Hulu is offering full year plan in just 99¢ per month (regularly $6.99) for any new and returning customers. With this price you will get 12-Month Hulu Ad-Supported Subscription. This Hulu offer is a fantastic saving of more than $70! So no delay please, just signup now

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More about Hulu:

Hulu offers its subscribers a massive collection of content, and it’s all available on most devices. If you share with a friend or family member, you can use this account on two screens simultaneously! You can sign up for this streaming service now to get started and then read over these tips for using your account.

How to get the best from Hulu:

Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid To Search For Hulu TV Shows And Movies That Are No Longer Available On Hulu.

Sometimes, certain shows will temporarily leave the library so that they can be added later with new episodes included. This is usually due to licensing issues and is unavoidable if we want access to late-night adult cartoons and network content. Hulu is at its best, though, when it has the largest selection of TV shows and movies available. When you come across a show that isn’t available anymore, do a quick search on Hulu to see if there are any specials about the series or if Hulu plans on adding more content later this year or next year.

Tip #2: Check Out Hulu Original Content And Web Series To Support The Site’s Creators

If you’re looking for anything in particular and would like to find something new and Hulu original, check out the best ever Hulu Just $1 plan. 

Hulu’s “Shows Coming Soon” section first. Hulu originals include things like “The Mindy Project”, fan-favorite comedy series created and produced by Hulu, “Casual”, Hulu’s first ever original series, which won Hulu its first Golden Globe Award, and many more. There are also things like the Hulu comedy challenge that you can vote for or create your own challenges.

Tip #3: Download Hulu On Your Smartphone For Offline Viewing

If you want to download Hulu so that you can watch shows with limited bandwidth or catch up on something while you’re outside of WiFi range, it’s easy to do so! To download Hulu on your phone for offline viewing, open Hulu and go into settings; then tap “Download Shows”. Select the shows that you want to store in offline storage (only available for specific content) and tap “Download”. You can also download Hulu directly to your phone via the app store.

Tip #4: Watch Hulu On Your Tablet For Non-Stop Entertainment, Like On Planes And During Long Trips. 


You have one year to enjoy the Hulu (ad-supported) plan for $0.99/month. After that, you’ll be charged the then-current regular price for the plan (currently $6.99/month). You can cancel anytime online or by calling to Hulu support.

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