Pangea Referral Code 2023: $30 Bonus for New Users & Referrals

Say goodbye to the high fees and complexity when sending money abroad with Pangea. Easily transfer funds from your mobile device with transparent exchange rates and no hidden charges. As a new user, you will get a $30 sign up bonus. 

Earn extra through the Pangea referral program, where you can earn a $30 sign-up bonus on each new user you refer, and they will also receive a $30 sign-up bonus on their first transfer.

Pangea $30 Sign Up Bonus

Sign up and make your first $50 or more money transfer using Pangea’s latest referral code “AM3775” to receive your $30 bonus.

Find out all the latest Pangea referral codes and promo codes below:

Here’s how you can earn a Pangea referral bonus and how easy it is to send money with Pangea.

Pangea Referral Code (AM3775) 2023: Reward Instant

Join Pangea Money Transfer with our special referral code and get your $30.29 Sign up bonus for your first Qualified Transfer

Pangea referral code
Pangea Referral Code 2023: $30 Bonus for New Users & Referrals 1

Here is the latest Pangea Money Transfer Referral Code:

  • Pangea Referral code 2023: AM3775
  • Pangea money transfer referral code for New users: AM3775I
  • Pangea Promo code for existing users: AM3775
  • Pangea money transfer Coupon code For a transfer over $2000: AM3775
  • Pangea money transfer Promo code for Instant Bonus: AM3775
  • Pangea referral code for $30 Sign up Bonus: AM3775
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Pangea Referral Code: How To Apply?

  • Open an account with the Pangea money transfer app.
  • Verify your account by entering your mobile number and email address.
  • Enter the Pangea referral code under “have a referral code“.
  • Make your first international money transfer of any amount, you’ll receive a $30 Pangea bonus.

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About Pangea Money Transfer

Pangea is a money transfer service that allows users to send money to friends and family abroad.

about Pangea money transfer
Pangea Referral Code 2023: $30 Bonus for New Users & Referrals 2

Mobile devices can be used to send money to over 190 countries using the service. Pangea offers transparent exchange rates and no hidden charges, making it easy for users to send money without worrying about high fees.

In addition to its range of services, Pangea also offers traditional banking options including incoming and outgoing SWIFT transfers, deposits, and withdrawals into local accounts with major banks such as HSBC and Santander.

Pangea Sign up Bonus: A $30 reward for new users

When you make your first money transfer with Pangea, you can earn a $30 sign-up bonus. This bonus is a great way to get started on the platform and can be used towards your first transfer.

Here are the qualifying steps to earn a $30 Pangea sign up bonus:

  • It is required that you are 18 years old and a citizen of the United States.
  • Pangea money transfers need to be verified.
  • To earn a bonus, you must enter the referral code during sign up.

After your first money transfer, the bonus amount will be added.

Pangea Money Transfer Referral Bonus: Give $30, get $30

For each new user you refer using your referral code, Pangea offers a $30 referral bonus. Referred users will also receive a $30 Pangea sign up bonus when they make their first money transfer. This is a great way to earn extra money and help your friends and family save on money transfer fees. As there is no limit on referrals, the money increases as more invitations are sent.

Pangea referral bonus
Pangea Referral Code 2023: $30 Bonus for New Users & Referrals 3

Pangea Money Transfer Referral Bonus: How Do I Claim It?

  • Please log in to your Pangea Money Transfer account.
  • Copy your unique Pangea referral code from the Referral section.
  • You can now share your referral code with friends and family via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or any other method you choose!
  • You will receive a $30 Pangea Referral Code once they create a qualified Pangea account through your special referral code.
  • Those who open an account using your link will also receive a $30 Pangea money transfer sign up bonus.

In Pangea, how do I use a referral code?

Earning extra cash with Pangea’s referral program is a breeze – simply share your unique referral code or link with friends, and upon their sign-up and completion of their first international transfer, you’ll both receive a $30 bonus. The referral code can be used during account registration and for the first money transfer, making the process seamless and rewarding for both parties.

How To Send Money Through Pangea?

  1. Enter an Amount: You can see your recipient’s precise amount by entering the desired dollar amount. To view the equivalent amount in US dollars, you can also enter the amount in the recipient’s currency.
  2. Receiver details: Money can be transferred directly to a bank account or picked up in cash. In different countries, Pangea has thousands of cash pick up locations.
  3. Confirm Payment: Use any major debit card to pay for your money transfer.

Is the Pangea money transfer legit?

Absolutely! Pangea Money Transfer is a reputable and legitimate company, founded in 2012 with the mission to simplify and revolutionize the money transfer industry through its user-friendly mobile application, enabling easy and efficient worldwide money transfers.”


Pangea’s referral program is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra cash by introducing friends and family to the platform. Each new user you refer will receive a $25 bonus on their first transfer, while you earn a $25 reward for each successful referral using your personal referral code.”

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