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Rakuten Review:

Rakuten Offer

E-commerce or E-businesses is one of the emerging sectors of the economy. Japan which is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is where Rakuten was formed. It was started back in 1997 in Japan by Hiroshi Mikitani. Internet banking was not much in use those times; it is later in the 2000s that it became so much into use. In Japan, Rakuten operates the largest bank and the third-largest credit card company. It works on similar grounds like those of Clickbank and others as affiliates. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it promotes a business or in other words, supports and advances activity by giving new opportunities for growth and revenue recognition. The main factor is that it makes use of innovative technology which helps to improve the performance of the business. 

On comparison with other affiliate marketing services, Rakuten works in a bit more innovative way. They make use of influencer marketing which helps in discovering products and also with brand devotion that would help in ensuring that all requirements are met with regards to Governance. Another notable point about Rakuten is that the system of advertising is data-driven which helps in better consumer performance. It enables the customer to see detailed results with the proper algorithm. Since They are running $10 Signup Bonus so do Signup Now

Rakuten $25 Referral Bonus:

Rakuten is having a referral offer of $25 bonus credit for every person that signs up using your referral link and spends at least $25 within their first 90 days as a member. Each of your referrals will also receive $10 for joining. Read my Simple Trick to get $100 by Rakuten Promotion.

There’s no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn. Read Rakuten current referral promotions from Rakuten site by clicking below:

Rakuten Products :

Rakuten is mainly affiliate and cash back sites but they also started selling products form their site. Below are the areas where Rakuten is focusing currently:

  • Online market
  • Online banking
  • Media
  • Travel booking
  • Trending Videos
  • Marketing and data analysis
  • E-books
  • Online games
  • Fashion
  • Latest trends
  • Credit cards
  • Professional sports (equipment’s to be specific)

Pros of Rakuten:

 Following are some of the main benefits or Pros of joining Rakuten:

  • It is 100% legal and you have the potential to earn a lot of money by referring your friends and helping them about how to use Rakuten for saving their money.
  • When you make a purchase, cashback is earned. Cashback will be sent to you via check or Gift card as per choices.
  • Account creation is hassle-free.
  • Rakuten team appreciates feedbacks and any feedback gives highly take into consideration.
  • Negotiation is possible from buyer and seller; hence prices can agree upon by both parties, including tax and shipping charges. 
  • The address of the buyer is disclosing, which makes it less complicated for the seller to make shipment.
  • Confidential information such as details of credit card is not given, therefore, there are no chances of fraudulent activities or theft of identity.
  • There are lots of payment methods that can adapt, like a credit card, debit card or any other payment form as mention in the Rakuten accepted payment methods.
  • There is a full guard on the information on-site; hence it is very safe and secure.
  • Like any other medium, any one of the ages above 18 can start a Rakuten account. 
  • Time taken to create an account in Rakuten takes less than a minute. 

Cons of Rakuten:

Though it has so many benefits, below are some disadvantages or few cons of Rakuten:

  • There is a possibility of permanently disabling accounts without any notice to the customer and access can be denied to the site as well without any information. 
  • There is no obligation or responsibility from the side of Rakuten in case of account termination. If your friend signed in your computer and later you log-in with your own credentials then Rakuten may consider IP violation which may result to terminate your account.
  • There is a limitation on the purchase that can be done from the site. % Cashback used to get changed from time to time.
  • Your cashback will be affected If an online order is replaced in Stores because the store may refund your money and then ask you to re-purchase with a new transaction.

Rakuten: Who is it for?

Rakuten is used by sellers who are looking forward to selling their products to buyers. It is effortless for anyone to use the site and as there are many products available, they will get choices for that and also for the affiliate programs which are being offered by Rakuten site. No official training is required to join the Rakuten site. The only thing that needed to be done is to join or to create an account and shop. Email ids and phone numbers are present in the site itself in case any assistance is needed, or any support is required for sales-related inquiries, for affiliate network publisher. Affiliate network advertiser and for display. 

Rakuten (Ebates): Cost to Signup

Creating a Rakuten account is free. Even you get $10. It is formally recognized as Ebates. Rakuten is a cashback reward company shopping. The revenue comes from affiliate network links. It often occurs in the best cashback sites.

Rakuten (old name is Ebates):

Rakuten officially owns Ebates in 2014, and the site has rebrand since then. Many marketing campaigns launch to promote. However, Even though the brand has changed, several elements remain the same as both these. The users of Ebate were moved to Rakuten to notice how much it was similar to the Ebates site. Every time the user goes to the Ebate site, they will be taken to the Rakuten site, and it would be notified to them as they are upgraded to Rakuten. However, the concern of users or customers whereas to what would happen to cash earned on Ebates due to this upgrade or change. The answer was simple. It remained all the cash or points acquired where unchanged. Rakuten is safe and secure. It is just changing in name with no other changes or losses caused to anyone. 

Is it a little confusing and frustrating :

For customers, though it might be a little confusing and frustrating as they will be concern about cash earn and also transition will see bit problematic as the interface is little different, once they get use to it they wouldn’t find it much of difference. They would also see that all the cash that they earn previously on the Ebates site is safe and still there without any changes. 

Rakuten: Scam?

There were some news or complaints received against Rakuten regarding credit cards back in 2013. However, on making a detail investigation, it clears that there were no fraudulent activities finish from Rakuten’s end. In instance, a noticeable move from Rakuten create in 2014 and 2017 respectively when they bane the sale of the whale, and dolphin meat and later on the sale of ivory was also stop from the site. However, These will make quite a news back then as it clearly shows that their interest isn’t purely money or profit-based. 

Rakuten : Verdict:

Rakuten site has received complaints, and even in google if we check, we can see reviews which seem like it is makeup. Find out, like do enough market research before passing comment; then we will not find complaints. If at all there are complaints, we can see it has been solved as the support team of Rakuten is very helpful and if there are feedbacks, they do consider it without much problem. 

Safe and Best Support Team :

On observing, we can say that Rakuten is a legitimate site, and it is indeed safe and secure. It is very user-friendly and gives a lot of options, be it for payment methods or the availability of goods and shipment as well. No site will provide free money while shopping. There is a vast selection of shops to select from like over 2,500 stores, and almost all these stores give cashback. If used in the right way, then Rakuten can help to save money for products that use on an everyday basis. Though there are times when it doesn’t work well due to technical faults or misled information, However Rakuten has always come up with solutions to fix it immediately as they value their customers. Their success depends mostly on customer satisfaction.

Benefits with Rakuten:

Many customers have benefited from cashback options and coupons that will give when they purchase. People do have a misconception of how it would work or would it be scam even without trying. However, It isn’t possible to pass judgment without conducting enough market survey and without trying once. Creating an account in Rakuten doesn’t cost anything neither does it take much time. However, there is no harm in trying. The information is safe, and the support team of Rakuten is excellent, which can make even the slightest confusion to be solved. However, if we check the reviews, we get to see a negative review at the rate of a maximum of three on ten. Therefore, Rest all have had or still have a positive experience with Rakuten. They have simplified shopping and at the same given an opportunity to save money.


In conclusion, Rakuten is indeed legitimate and a new synonym for affiliate marketing or e-commerce sites in this new era of digitalization. The more you use Rakuten, the more offers you will get for shopping more and which in turn will let you earn and save more. However, Rakuten makes shopping more comfortable, and it also promotes new business and new products by allocating or promoting these products with offers that would tempt a customer to buy. This makes Rakuten scam free and trustworthy site among many buyers and sellers. 

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