Sam’s Club Membership Free 2022: How to Join

Sam’s Club is one of the world’s largest membership-only retail warehouse clubs, and it provides a wide range of products for its members, including groceries, clothing, electronics, and more.

Users need to take Sam’s club membership to shop for products from the store, and Sam’s membership fee varies from region to region, but it is generally $45 per year or less.

Let’s read how to join Sam’s club membership and what they offer.

Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s Club is a membership-only warehouse club that offers shoppers an opportunity to stock up on groceries, electronics, clothes, and other items at steep discounts. Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of Walmart and has more than 650 locations in the United States. The company offers two types of memberships: Sam’s Club Plus and Sam’s Savings.

Sam’s Club Plus memberships cost $100 for one year or $45 for three years (as of May 2018). This type of membership gives you access to exclusive savings at any U.S.-based Sam’s Club location as well as online purchases from You’ll also get free shipping on all online orders over $35 and free standard shipping on select items purchased at any physical location.*

Sam’s Savings memberships cost just $45 annually—less than half the price tag for Plus memberships—but come with fewer benefits than Plus memberships do.* You can still use your membership card in person at any physical store location, but you won’t qualify for those extra perks like free shipping or special promotions unless they’re specifically offered through*

Sam’s Club Membership deals

Sam’s Club is one of the largest membership-only warehouse clubs in the United States. Sam’s Club offers a huge selection of products and services to its members at low prices every day.

Sam's Club Membership
Sam's Club Membership Free 2022: How to Join 1

Sam’s Club offers big savings on brands you know, the quality you trust, and the service you deserve. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Memberships start at $45 per year ($35 when paid monthly) depending on the location
  • Members receive 10% off most purchases; 15% off pharmacy prescriptions, alcohol, and tobacco products; 20% off fresh meats, seafood, and bakery items; $25 gift card after your first purchase; free shipping (orders over $35); free returns within 90 days or return to any club location

How to join Sam’s Club membership

Sam's club membership join
Sam's Club Membership Free 2022: How to Join 2

Steps to join Sam’s Club membership:

  • Go to the Sam’s Club website and sign up for a new account (you will need to enter your name, email, and password).
  • Once you have logged in to your account, click on “Shop Now” at the top of the page and choose from one of their many products or services.
  • Enter your zip code on the next page and then select “Find a club”. You will get an option for joining Sam’s Club membership by clicking the “Join Online” button under this option or by selecting the “Start shopping now” link below it (depending upon which one is available). If only the “Start shopping now” option is available, then simply click on that button instead of choosing between joining or starting shopping, as both options are the same in this case

Sam’s Club membership renewal

To renew your Sam’s Club membership, visit the website and enter the information needed to process your renewals.

You can also call the customer service number to complete this task.

If you prefer, you can stop by any Sam’s Club location and speak with a representative in person.

Once again, if these options don’t strike your fancy and you want an alternative solution that doesn’t involve long lines or waiting on hold for hours on end (or days!), then consider mailing them a check or faxing them proof of payment.

Sam’s Club Membership Promo code

Sam’s Club is one of the best stores for saving money on groceries and other household items. However, it can be difficult to find Sam’s Club membership promo code, and sometimes it’s not obvious how to get a Sam’s Club membership for free.

The good news is that we’re here to help! We’ve compiled this list of ways you can get your hands on some sweet Sam’s Club deals. We’ll show you how to purchase or renew a Sam’s Club membership, all while saving money!

You can get the best deals on Sam’s club membership.

Sam’s Club Membership deals are the best thing that has happened to you in a while. You can get it at discounted rates and get the best discounts on your purchases. If you have not yet purchased Sam’s club membership, then do so now!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about Sam’s Club is their membership. It is one of the most sought-after clubs all over America, especially in California, as there are many branches here and people love them a lot because of the great services and facilities they offer to their customers and members, such as free delivery service or online ordering options, etc., but what most people don’t know is that there are many other benefits that come with becoming an official member with them.


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