Times club App review| $225 Bonus & $20/Referrals with unlimited Cashback

Have you wondered to get cashback from Indian stores like Patel brothers or other stores like Walmart or Amazon where every Indian does the shopping? Yes, now it is possible with the best cashback app Times Club, which is exclusively made for Indians living in the USA. For a limited time, TimesClub promo code: ZECKFE is giving a $20 signup bonus and there are no membership fees to access any of the benefits.

you can earn rewards by sending money to India or purchasing a membership of Hotstar, Saregama, and many more. Most Indian stores are covered with the most significant cashback and best rewards app Timesclub.

Times Club App

How to Join Times Club

It’s free to join Times Club, and there are no membership fees to access any of the benefits. 

The Times Club Sign process is simple and easy. You need to install the App: Times Club and Use Times club referral code “ZECKFE” for a 20$ bonus. Follow the below process:

1. Make sure to enter referral code during Sign Up ($20)

Times club referral code

2. Once you sign up, add a bank account or card for $5 more.

$5 Bank link bonus

3. You will have $30 in your wallet.

4. Activate Ganna+ for free for 6 months and Willow for 3 months

I will recommend Having to use the same email for gaana+ while signing up as the one you used for Times Club.

Times Club Referral Offer

The Times club offers a $20 signup bonus and a $100 referral bonus. You can download the Times Club app from the app store for Android and iOS. For a $20 signup bonus, enter the code “ZECKFE” during registration. When you link your bank account to track credit and debit purchases, you’ll also receive a $5 bonus. Referring 5 friends or family will earn you $20*5=$100 + $100 bonus. You can also refer unlimited friends and earn $20 each.

You will also find many additional free offers in Times club-like Free Willow for 6 months, Disney+ Subscription $13.99 Cashback, Gaana+, 5% cashback from all Indian stores in the USA, including Patel Brothers.
Times Club Referral Bonus

The benefits to Join Times Club:

Times Club App is the only app that offers exclusive rewards and privileges for the Indian community. It’s free to join Times Club for a limited time. Even you will get a $20 Bonus if you use promo code: ZECKFE.


Get Cashback while Shop in-store or online with over 100 exclusive offers and locations. No coupons or vouchers are needed from Timesclub while shopping. They already recognize your transactions. 

You can also stack any other coupons from those stores if you have; Times club cashback offer still works. 

Times club Walmart
Times club Walmart

Bank Cash Out:

You can redeem cash directly in your linked card. Just withdraw your earned cashback directly to your bank. Please link your bank or card details to get an Extra $5. 

Earn Cash Back:

Times Club automatically deposits your cashback in a wallet without uploading any receipts or bills, unlike Ibotta, where you have to upload the bills after every purchase. 

Use Promo Code “ZECKFE” during Signup to get a $20 Signup offer and then a $5 bank link Bonus. Just download the and enter promo.

Earn many other offers mentioned below:

  1. Earn 5% back at Patel Bros USA, 0.59% on Amazon India, 3% at Walmart, and 15% at Shemaroo.
  2. You’ll also get Gaana+, Willow, Economic Times, and more premium memberships for free.
  3. You will get a 24/7 Concierge.

What is a 24/7 Concierge:

If you are in the USA and need any help in India, you have to pay extra charges for service, but Times Club brings this and you absolutely free. You can Request Anything either in India or anywhere else. Times Club is there to help you. Whether sending Gifts & Flowers to your dear ones, Serviced by high-quality brands and businesses, or Manage Property in India, They are available to help. 

Anything from sales to maintenance, you just contact Times Club. For them, No job is too big or small so they can help you even find a good Handyman for your friend and family house in India.

Times Club Extra offers:

  1. If you sign with Promo: ZECKFE , then you will receive a Free 3 months Willow Subscription.
  2. You also receive a dealer offer – a $300 Hotel Saving card. Please send email to helpingdesi@gmail.com
  3. You will able to gift 1000/- rs. membership to Indian family and friends.
Free Gaana plus from Times club
Free Gaana plus from Times club


In my opinion, the Times Club is the best cashback site for NRIs, where you get the best rewards and Deals. Times Club helps Indian families living in the USA with the best cashback offers as well as their family who lives in India by gifting 999/- ET Membership. You will get exclusive cashback while shopping around the USA- anytime, anywhere In-store, or online. Then why wait, Signup Times Club and start earning.

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Free Shipping with prime Or Order $25+. Get Free  Amazon Prime : 30 Days (anyone) or 6 Months (Student). 

Note: Prices and promo codes (if any) are valid at the time of deal publish & can change/expire at any time. 

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