Top 11 Best Book Reading Accessories For Book Readers

Think about what you can change about your current setup if you aren’t reading as much as you’d like. Do you struggle with a bad reading environment, a lack of interesting titles, or something else?

Some readers have hang-ups that hinder total immersion, but that does not mean they have to read the same paragraph repeatedly. There are modern solutions to help you improve your reading skill.

Learn to read smarter, not harder.

Here are a few tech-forward reading tools and accessories for big aspirational readers and seasoned book lovers:

1. Lamp for reading

Lamp for reading
Top 11 Best Book Reading Accessories For Book Readers 1

Lamp for reading current price: $15.39 | Reg. Price: $39.99

Do you share a room or bed with someone who prefers to sleep over reading? You may want to invest in a reading lamp. The Lampert LED Desk Lamp features four lighting modes and five dimming levels to ensure optimal color rendering and visibility. With the included USB charging hub, you can charge your phone and take advantage of the flexible arm and one-hour auto-shutoff feature. With the included USB charging hub, you can set up your phone and take advantage of the adjustable arm and one-hour auto-shutoff feature.

The best choice for those who read late at night or need accessibility

Choose Lamp LED Desk Lamp – Sale Price: $15.39 | Reg. Cost: $39.99

2. Bookmark the dictionary

IF-Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
Credit: Amazon

IF-Electronic Dictionary Bookmark current price $22.93

When you’re focused on your book or having trouble staying present with it, looking up an unfamiliar word takes you out of the moment. Despite their unwieldy nature and time-consuming nature, hard-copy dictionaries have finally given way to a deceptively simple alternative. IF-Electronic Dictionary Bookmark features 42,500 definitions that will improve your understanding of your book and whet your appetite for more profound knowledge. You can even keep track of where you are in the book!

The best book for curious readers and academics

3. Unlimited access to E-books and audiobooks

Credit: Scribd Scribd Subscription – Price: $9.99/month

Book lovers who enjoy a variety of media, heavy readers

Consider signing up for a Scribd subscription if you read many books in a month. You can access unlimited e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and news media on any device that can run the Scribd app. Switch to audiobooks if you usually prefer written text – or vice versa!

4. Audible Subscription

Audible Subscription

Audible Premium Plus Annual Subscription Reg. $149.50

Best for: Audible Original titles, seamless access across Amazon devices

Audible’s Premium Plus tier lets you listen to audiobooks, guided wellness programming, and podcasts. Audible offers slightly cheaper options, but an annual subscription offers the best value. In exchange for $12.46/month, you receive 12 premium credits, unlimited access to the Plus catalog, and an exchange process if you are unsatisfied with your new title.

5. Subscriptions for Kids that are Fun and Educational

 Subscriptions for Kids that are Fun and Educational
Credit: epic!

Choose Epic Subscription – $7.99/month.

Those who love knowledge and entertainment: Young readers

Do you struggle to keep up with your child’s reading habits? Epic offers over 40,000 titles, educational videos, quizzes, and other kid-friendly media. Epic works on any iOS or Android device and on computers and some smart TVs. You can set up custom profiles for up to four children and track their progress, primarily if their school uses Epic.

6. An Unlimited E-Book Selection

An Unlimited E-Book Selection
Credit: Amazon

Kindle Unlimited Subscription: $4.99/month for two months | Regular Price: $7.99/month. Price: $9.99/month

Best for readers who enjoy a variety of media

Some readers strongly prefer audiobooks or written texts, but you may not have a strong preference or enjoy getting information and entertainment from different sources. Kindle Unlimited subscribers have access to over one million titles, this month’s magazines, and audiobooks narrated by Audible. Additionally, Kindle Unlimited does not require you to own a Kindle device–you can simply download the Kindle app on your smart device.

7. The (Kindle) Library on Your Fingertips

The (Kindle) Library on Your Fingertips

Our pick: Kindle with Built-In Front Light, 4GB – Reg. Price: $109.99

Best for: Readers on the go

Kindle’s classic model is a sleek and simple solution to your lack of bookshelves. With its glare-free and light-resistant touchscreen, you can adjust font properties and line spacing to improve readability, even for text purists. You can store thousands of titles on this device and take your entire collection anywhere.

8. A Multipurpose Tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1" 1080p full HD display, 32 GB)
Credit: Amazon

Choose: Fire HD 10 Tablet – Price: $164.99

Users of tablets who do not want a standalone e-reader

If you already own a tablet for everything, why not invest it in a multipurpose solution instead of buying another device? The Fire HD 10 Tablet has all the typical features you’d expect from a tablet, as well as Audible and Kindle support.

9. Distraction-blocking noise machines

The LectroFan Premium White Noise Sound Machine
Credit: Amazon

The LectroFan Premium White Noise Sound Machine – Sale Price: $32.17 Price: $49.95

Best for: Easily distracted readers, loud households

When you’re reading a book and drinking a hot mug, the unspeakable happens – the car alarm goes off again. Suddenly, someone snores in the next room, your upstairs neighbors are tap dancing, and the moment is gone. Don’t let this nightmare happen to you. Invest in a white noise machine to keep you in the present. LectroFan white noise machine offers 20 different non-looping sounds that can be adjusted to your liking using the volume controls.

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise
Credit: Amazon

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Bose QuietComfort 35 II – price-$299

Best for Full audiobook immersion

Listening to an audiobook, an external noise machine won’t help. As soon as you turn on your Bose QuietComfort headphones, you’ll be transported to a quiet, tranquil headspace ideal for deep and focused audiobook listening. Audible can even be controlled directly from your headphones with the built-in Alexa feature.

11. An Out-Loud Reader

Yoto Player – Kids Audio & Music Player
Credit: Amazon

Our pick: Yoto Player – Price: $99

Ideal for aspiring book lovers who can’t read yet

Today is the tenth time your child has asked you to read their favorite book aloud to them. Even though you want to satisfy their natural thirst for stories, you are tired and don’t mind automating the process. Yoto Player might appear to be a simple Bluetooth speaker, but it can do so much more. Its charging pad, LED pixel display, and large buttons make it easy for kids to use. Yoto libraries store popular kid’s books on physical audio cards, which can be inserted and removed whenever your child wants to hear the story again.

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