Walmart+ Membership Deals (50% off with Swagbucks)

“Walmart+”, a subscription service that’ll give you free shipping on all orders at Walmart among other benefits (Similar to Amazon Prime) plus free grocery and other deliveries in your local area (check their site with your address).

The cost of the membership is $98/year or $12.95/month But Swagbucks is offering $52.50 in rewards back when you sign up for a Walmart+ annual membership, basically giving you Walmart+ for a year at half price.

How to get Walmart + Membership Deals (50% off)

1. Click here SwagBucks for sign up and get $10 Signup Bonus.

2. Once you’re in your account, Search Walmart+ in shop section and that says you’ll earn up to 5,250 in Swagbucks [Every 100 points is $1].

3. You will see “Shop Now” button. Just click there and it will route you to

4. Once it takes you to your Walmart account, you have to log in to you Walmart account. You can click to start your membership.

5. Then click on “Start 15 day free trial” & annual membership will cost $98 after 15 days.

Once you pay $98 to Walmart, Swagbucks will give $52 or more rewards in the form of SwagBucks.

Note: 10,000 swagbucks is currently redeemable for a $100 gift card (Visa, Amazon, Bestbuy, Paypal Cash, Walmart, etc). Sometimes Swagbucks gives extra gift card too. Currently they have discount in Walmart itself.


This is the best deals for Walmart+ Subscription. Swagbucks can get this offer back anytime so subscribe Now and avail this offer.