Earn $50 Sign Up Bonus with These 14 Money Making Apps in 2023

Are you in search of apps that offer a sign-up bonus of $50 or more? It’s easier than ever to make money these days, Signing up for these apps will reward you bonus of $50 or more and the requirements level is very low.

There are multiple apps that offer a generous $50+ sign up bonus to open an account and perform some easy tasks. some of these apps also offer referral promotions, allowing you to invite your friends and earn even more money.

Listed below are apps that offer a $50 sign up bonus, along with the steps to qualify.

14 Apps That Pay $50 Sign Up Bonus In 2023

Here are the best $50 sign up bonus apps and websites that pay instant money. You can also read our $10 sign up bonus apps and $20 sign up bonus that pays real money.


Fundrise is a real estate investment platform that presents an opportunity for investors, both novices and experienced, to invest in either commercial or residential properties. This investment platform is particularly useful for those who aim to broaden their portfolios and reap the benefits of passive investment.

Earn $50 Sign Up Bonus with These 14 Money Making Apps in 2023 1

Fundrise is comparable to other investment platforms like Stash, which offers a $20 bonus.

New users who deposit $10 into their Fundrise account are eligible for a $50 sign up bonus. Additionally, users can earn a $50 referral bonus for inviting friends to join Fundrise.

To receive a $50 sign up bonus from Fundrise Follow these Steps:

  • Click here to register for a Fundrise account.
  • you must then deposit at least $10 into your Fundrise account within 7 days. 
  • Once your deposit has been settled, the $50 sign up bonus will be added to your account
  • you’ll be ready to start investing in real estate through Fundrise.


Blooom is a financial Robo-advisor that assists individuals in managing their retirement finances. This platform offers investment options for a variety of retirement plans, including IRAs, 401(k)s, 401(a)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, and thrift savings plans. Blooom provides personalized Robo-advice to aid users in optimizing their retirement plans.

$50 Blooom Bonus

By signing up for an account on Blooom through the referral link, new users will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Additionally, users can earn a $20 referral bonus by inviting their friends to join Blooom.

To earn a $50 sign up bonus on Blooom, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the button above to navigate to the Blooom sign up page.
  2. Provide your basic details and create a new Blooom account.
  3. Connect your IRA account to your Blooom account.
  4. Once your account is connected, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card credited to your account.

Current Bank

Current is a convenient mobile banking application that enables users to effortlessly save, manage, and earn money. Members of Current bank can earn up to 4.00% APY on their savings with pods and can receive a generous 15x cashback bonus for transactions made using a Current bank Visa debit card.

Current Bank $50 Sign Up Bonus

To receive a $50 sign up bonus from Current bank, follow these steps:

  • Download the Current bank mobile app by clicking the button above.
  • Create an account and verify your identity with basic details.
  • Enter the Current Bank promo code to be eligible for the $50 sign-up bonus.
  • Make a single deposit of $200 or more to claim your $50 welcome bonus.


Zolve is a fintech company that provides access to open a US bank account without needing a Social Security Number (SSN). This means that anyone can open a Zolve bank account, and even apply for a Zolve credit card from the comfort of their own home.  You can start using your bank account and credit card as soon as you arrive in the USA. 

Earn a $50 sign up bonus with Zolve is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • To apply for a Zolve credit card and receive a $50 sign-up bonus
  • You’ll need to provide your Visa card and passport information.
  • Once you’ve been approved and make your first transaction,
  • You’ll receive your sign-up bonus and up to 10% cash back on purchases made at top brands.


Revolut is your one-stop money management app. Send or receive money with Revolut’s app, from cryptocurrency to travel perks. More than 20 million people have already joined, and you can too.

Take advantage of the amazing features offered by Revolut and earn a welcome bonus of $50! Simply use the referral link of a current member to sign up and make three card purchases of at least $5 each.

Revolut $50 Sign Up Bonus

Earn a $50 sign-up bonus with Revolut is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the button above to go to the Revolut sign-up page.
  2. Enter your name and email to complete your account registration.
  3. During the sign-up process, make sure to use the Revolut $50 referral code
  4. Once your account is set up, make at least three card purchases of $5 each.
  5. After completing the above steps, you’ll receive a $50 bonus credited to your Revolut account.

You will receive a $50 deposit within five days of meeting all requirements through Revolut.


The Relief app is designed to help you manage credit card debt, create a budget, and learn about other important financial topics to avoid future debt. the Relief app has not yet been launched, you can still take advantage of the waitlist and earn a $50 sign-up bonus when the app is released. What’s more, by inviting others to join the waitlist, you can help them earn the same bonus while earning a $50 referral bonus for yourself.

Relief App $50 Sign Up Bonus

Claim your $50 sign-up bonus Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the link below to visit the Relief app waitlist page.
  2. Enter your email address to earn a waitlist bonus.
  3. Once you have successfully joined the waitlist, you will receive a confirmation email from the Relief app.
  4. When the Relief app is launched, you will automatically receive a $50 sign-up bonus.


Buy and sell items quickly and easily. OfferUp is one of the largest online marketplaces available. With OfferUp, you can easily sell anything from furniture to cars in your local area without any hassle.

OfferUp $5 Sign Up Bonus

The OfferUp mobile app makes it simple to find great deals on items you want to buy, or to quickly sell items you no longer need. Plus, there’s even a sign-up bonus available to get you started on the platform.


If you are looking to earn money back while you shop, dine out, book hotels, and do travel activities, you can consider signing up for MaxRebates. MaxRebates is a free cashback platform that rewards you with money back on your purchases.

MaxRebates offers thousands of cashback, coupon, and deal options for online shopping, making it a great platform to earn money back while shopping. 

It has become a major competitor to other cashback apps such as RebatesMe, Rakuten, and TimesClub.

MaxRebates is offering a sign-up bonus of $50 to users who open an account using this link Users will earn a $50 Maxrebates sign up bonus when they earn a minimum cashback of $25 or more. It also offers a referral program where you can earn a $50 bonus. Check out the MaxRebates referral promotion.

To earn a sign-up bonus of $50 on MaxRebates, follow these steps:

  1. Click the above button to open a MaxRebates account.
  2. Make your first purchase of $25 or more.
  3. MaxRebates will reward you with a sign-up bonus between $5 and $50.
  4. You can apply the welcome bonus to your next order.


Neighbor is a platform that allows people with extra space to rent it out for storage or other purposes, which can be a great way to earn some extra income. So, if you have unused space and are looking for a way to monetize it, Neighbor may be worth considering.

By posting a free listing of your storage space on Neighbor, you can earn a sign up bonus of $50 and make use of your unused space. With the Neighbor app, it’s easy to list your available space for free and allow others to easily find it.

To claim your $50 sign up bonus, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the $50 referral link provided to sign up for Neighbor.
  2. Post your available storage for free on the app.
  3. Earn a $50 Amazon gift card when you receive your first reservation.
  4. Additionally, receive a $50 referral bonus when you refer a friend to a Neighbor.

Rocket Dollar

In order to diversify your retirement funds, it’s crucial to add alternative assets alongside traditional stocks and bonds to your portfolio. Rocket Dollar is an investment option that enables you to invest in rental real estate and cryptocurrencies using your retirement account.

New users who open an investment account on Rocket Dollar will receive a $50 sign-up bonus. 

Here’s how to claim $50 Signup bonus

  1. Click on this link to go to the Rocket Dollar sign-up page.
  2. Register by entering your basic details like Name and Email.
  3. During sign-up, use the Rocket Dollar referral code “ARY16N” to receive your bonus.
  4. Your $50 sign-up bonus will be credited to your account within 5-7 days.


For beginner investors, Fidelity is the ideal online and low-cost broker. Fidelity allows you to invest in a range of options, including Mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and more. Additionally, new users can receive a bank sign up bonus of up to $500 when opening a new account.

Here are the steps to claim your $50 sign-up bonus when opening a Fidelity bank account:

  1. Click on the link to open a Fidelity bank account.
  2. During sign-up, use the Fidelity referral code “HFIEHS”.
  3. Choose your account type and click “Next”.
  4. Your $50 sign-up bonus will be added to your account within 5 days.


If you’re interested in real estate investing, Groundfloor is the perfect platform for you. As a leading real estate investing platform, Groundfloor makes it simple to get started. With a wide variety of investment opportunities available, you can potentially earn up to 16 times your initial investment.

New users can receive a $50 sign-up bonus from Groundfloor to kickstart their investing journey. Simply use the referral link to open a new account and make a single deposit of $250 or more to receive an instant $50 sign-up bonus.

Here are the steps to claim your $50 sign-up bonus when opening a new account with Groundfloor:

  1. Click on the link to open a new Groundfloor account.
  2. Verify your account by entering your name and email.
  3. Make a single deposit of $250 or more on Groundfloor.
  4. You will receive a $50 bonus in your account.
  5. The bonus will be added to your account within 30 days of opening it.

Haru invest

Haru, also known as Haru Invest, is a cutting-edge crypto trading platform that offers up to 15% APY on your crypto holdings. With its unique auto-investing features, Haru is revolutionizing the way people invest in cryptocurrencies.

When you open a Haru Invest account and lock up a minimum of $500 in your crypto account, you’ll receive a $50 worth of BTC sign up bonus. Additionally, Haru offers a referral program that enables you to earn even more through referrals.

Steps to claim your $50 sign-up bonus from Haru Invest:

  1. Go to the Haru Invest website using this link to open an account.
  2. Enter your name and email to verify your account.
  3. During sign-up, use the Haru Invest referral code.
  4. Make a deposit of $500 or more to your crypto account.
  5. You will receive a $50 bonus within 45 days of opening your account.

Survey Websites

Survey platforms are a simple way to earn extra income, with some survey apps allowing you to earn up to $50 per day.

There are several survey apps that offer real money rewards, including:

  1. Survey Junkie ($30): This app pays users for taking surveys in the form of cash or gift cards.
  2. FreeCash ($250): With FreeCash, you can earn money by playing games and taking surveys. New users can earn a bonus of up to $250.
  3. Swagbucks ($10): This app provides various ways to earn money, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and signing up for apps.
  4. InboxDollars ($30): InboxDollars rewards users for taking surveys and also offers cash back for shopping online and playing games.


These $50 sign up bonus apps are just a few of the many options available to help you maximize your earnings. Do some research and find the apps that fit your needs and preferences best. Whether you want to invest in stocks or crypto, take surveys for cash, or earn rewards for shopping online, there are apps out there that can help you achieve your financial goals.

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