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If you are looking Mint Mobile review 2020 USA from real user experience, then you are landed on the right Deals Webiste.

We were using Mint Mobile from 2 years and traveled to almost every city in the USA with having real site experiences of Mint Mobile to give you an unbiased review.

Let’s go to the review.

How to Get Mint Mobile Free? (2 Years Free Text/Call/Data on 10 referrals)

Use 7 days Trial and if you think It is worth then refer 5 friends in Mint mobile to Get 1-year Free Unlimited Talk/Text and 8 GB Data or 10 friends and get 2 Years Free. My friend Vijoy and his wife already qualified for 2 years of Free Service. He used to pay $45 with T mobile month after Month. Now he saved almost $2000+.

What is Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is a GSM prepaid plan, and it uses T-Mobile’s Network. Mint Mobile is designed depending on customers’ needs. They offer a variety of data plan (1 GB, 8GB and 12 GB plan so which you can choose as per your choices instead of spending a lot of money like other carriers. Also, you can promote this to 10 people if you like the Service and you will get 2 Years Free service.

To say more on Mint Mobile Review, If actor Ryan Reynolds is promoting Mint Mobile, then it means Mint is 100% legal, and it has excellent services and lots of features.  

Since Mint Mobile has quality service, they know once people use, they will stick with them and that is what Mint Mobile offer No Contract, and Another cool thing about them is, paying upfront three, six or 12 months packages you will be getting lots of discounts. All these great features allow Mint to clear Winner as compared to his competitors.

Mint Mobile Network Coverage Review :

Mint Mobile uses Network of T-Mobile so wherever T-Mobile has coverage so does Mint. Even I found better Network than the T-Mobile though it is using T-Mobile network. I am wondering How it is possible. I don’t have answer yet still research is in process. 

How Mint has better Network? Real Proof – We were driving from Denver to Yellowstone, and I wanted to listen to Song via Ganna app through my T-Mobile buy I couldn’t go because of broken T-mobile network, but my friend Vijay had Full Network, and we used his phone to listen to Song. SO, I don’t think Network coverage will be an issue. Still, I will suggest you follow Mint coverage link to understand the coverage in a better way.

Is Mint Mobile supports Apple iPhone or Samsung Phones?

Mint supports all Unlocked phones. Even T-Mobile locked phone also supported by Mint mobile because Mint uses the T-Mobile service. I will strongly suggest reading Mint FAQ Guide, if you want read more that just the mint mobile review.

Mint Mobile USA Plans?

Mint Mobile plan review USA 2020 mint mobile plans review
Mint Mobile Review 2020 | 2 Years FREE Mint Mobile

Mint has offer data plans in a bucket of 3GB, 8GB and 12GB of LTE data with Unlimited Talk and Text. Now You will say why I wrote as Unlimited data in the beginning so yes they have Unlimited data but not in LTE, It is Lower Bandwidth unlimited data. Unlimited Talk and text are always there, no matter which data plan you pick or for how long. 

Mint Mobile Promotional Plans

Mint Mobile – 3 MONTH PLANS


Mint Mobile – 6 MONTH PLANS


Mint Mobile – 12 MONTH PLANS

I will suggest buying for 12 months because if you choose 3-Months plan (as most people do) and Once your 3 months are up, you won’t get a promotional price but still, you will get discounted price as you are paying 3, 6 or 12-month plan ahead rather monthly pay. The more months you purchase, the more you save. Remember the difference between Promotional price, Discounted price and regular price. When it comes time to renew the promotional three-month charges will disappear. Lets deep dive Promotional plan price and what you can expect to pay after your first plan ends:

Mint Mobile Plans after Promotional Peroid: 

  3 months Plan:

  •   $25 per month ($75 upfront)
  •   $35 per month ($105 upfront)
  •   $45 per month ($135 upfront)

  6 months Plan: 

  •   $20 per month ($120 upfront)
  •   $25 per month ($150 upfront)
  •   $35 per month ($175 upfront)

  12 months

  •   $15 per month ($180 upfront)
  •   $20 per month ($240 upfront)
  •   $25 per month ($300 ufront)

You will see a monthly rate increase of between $5 and $10 after promotional plan ends. Smart way to continue paying the same rates you enjoyed as a new subscriber is to sign up for a 12-month commitment. 

Best Features of Mint Mobile Packages USA

Below are the features that make Mint Mobile unique:

  1. Free 7 days Trial (Cancellation refund).
  2. Best Introductory plan $45 for 3 months. Or $180 for full one year. 
  3. Each successful referral will give you credit.
  4. 2 Years Free Service- if you can refer ten people. Referring five people makes one year free Service.
  5. They’ve given new customers best value pricing – 12-month price – on our 3-month plans—$ 180 one time payment for a full year. I remember paying $210+ for T-Mobile in just three months. (Note: The more you pay upfront, the more you save).
  6. Long term commitments. It is cons, but it will reduce the headache of paying every month. 3-month, 6-month or 12- months plan will reduce the price.
  7.  Its value remains among the best in the industry.
  8. Top-Notch review

Mint Mobile – Cons:

  1. Unfortunately, Mint’s pricing scheme gets somewhat complicated after your first billing cycle. The company’s three-month introductory offer guarantees the same monthly rate that 12-month subscribers if you are paying 12 Months upfront. But it is not clear in the site. Ex. That’s $15 per month for 3GB, $20 for 8GB and $25 for 12GB If you pay Annual upfront charges.
  2. The monthly plan is not there.
  3. A family plan is not there.
  4. Contract Phone Service (Monthly instalment payment of phones) is not available. 
  5. 2G speed Data once you pass your monthly data allotment.

Supporting Community service to the impact of Corona Free Unlimted Data with Any Plan by Mint Mobile.

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