Watch Star Sports In USA Live Cricket 2020:

This article talks about how Star Sports is making efforts to revolutionize the sports industry across the globe. Star Sports makes sincere efforts for Cricket Fans in the USA to watch and enjoy live cricket matches from anywhere in the world. 

Star sports believes that they are “creators of content, they should be present wherever the customer is.” As commented by Mr. Uday Shankar the Chairman Star and Disney India. 

Star sports network work towards marrying technology and entertainment together to ensure that sports entertainment is enjoyed by many people across the globe with ease. 

Join the game with Star sports network:

Sports is an excellent activity, it promotes various athletes to push beyond their limits. This helps them to create incredible and remarkable stories across the globe. However, The key strategy of star sports is to unite people with diverse cultural backgrounds with sportsmanship hence creating a large audience. 

Star sports network has a bouquet of seventeen channels under its umbrella, which aim to broadcast different events in sports. International cricket is broadcasted under the guidance and purview of ICC board (International Cricket Council). 

However, Star sports aims to build a viewership for cricket 2020, thus making cricket accessible to individuals at a personal level. In case you not in front of a television, you will still not miss your favorite cricket match. This has become possible by the online streaming feature offered by Star sports network. 

Hotstar is one of the major online streaming partners for star sports network to stream a live cricket match on a smart phone or through a fire stick whichever is convenient for the viewer.  

Hotstar offers the premium viewership for the cricket fan at $100 per year or $ 10 per month. This subscription enables you to watch and enjoy cricket in USA or any part of the world with ease. However, You will not miss the thrilling experience during the match due to the lack of a cable connection. 

Hotstar a Popular Channel Partner:

Hotstar has popularized its service of online streaming by offering different promotion codes to increase potential viewership for live cricket matches in 2020 in USA. 

However, Use promo code CMP1880, this enables you to sign up for $1.8 dollars during cricket fever in USA. The website is, you can cancel the membership in 48 hours in case you are not satisfied with the service.

Online Streaming for Cricket Match:  

Cricket is the most passionate game watched and enjoyed by many people across the globe. In USA watching cricket is an enjoyable activity. Certain US based websites in cricket bring latest news related to cricket to viewers in USA. 

The most important factor to be kept in mind while watching live cricket is whether the local tv listing allows you to watch cricket via the live streaming option or not. 

Best options for watching live cricket 2020 in USA: 

One of the options to watch live cricket matches and updates in USA is the Willows TV, this is an extremely popular cricket website online, you can enjoy cricket matches online in high definition. The monthly subscription of this website is $ 15 and it helps people in USA to watch cricket updates and matches on Android and IOS app as well. 

It can stream full cricket matches of the world cup and IPL seasons, which adds value to the excitement and creates a thrilling experience for a large audience. 

Hotstar USA is a newly launched online portal which offers sports content for cricket at a monthly subscription of $10 to $12 which is good price to access cricket content. 

How to subscribe to star sports  

Please subscribe to PureVPN. Download the PureVPN application, Select India as your favored area, visit Hotstar/star sports to watch your preferred cricket matches.

It offers you HD viewership for live cricket match streamline. 

Why is star sports best for live cricket updates in 2020?

While live cricket fever is going on in USA, star sports always has ensure to make sports content available to viewers residing in USA. Star is one of the most popular website for watch live cricket updates in 2020. 

Tips and Tricks to watch live cricket in USA? 

Two prominent websites in USA are and willows TV which stream cricket matches from India to USA. However, You can watch live cricket on which is the online streaming for Also willows + ESPN allows you to watch free sports content. 

However, Willows youtube channel and Hotstar youtube channel offer live cricket updates during the match and replay videos post the match is offered free of cost. 

It is recommended that please stay away from illegal websites as the reception quality is really poor. 

Star sports official website and its channel partner is the best choice therefore to view live cricket matches while it is being played. 

The other renowned source of live cricket is the BCCI official website, video bytes of Indian matches, players and experts. 

Star Sports live TV App:

However, Star sports live app for cricket is another alternate app to catch live cricket matches online. You can watch all match series from this app on your tab or smartphone at your convenience. Live cricket score, cricket news, schedule and updates of live cricket matches. 

Apart from this other application more popular in the USA for viewing cricket matches is Sling TV, this is one of the most popular websites only available for viewing cricket matches in the USA. Sling tv offers packages to watch cricket on amazon fire stick and on chrome cast this enables viewers to watch live cricket updates at their convenience. 

Sling tv application aims to offer streaming of cricket matches in the high definition format. This makes the game more enjoyable. The sling world sports package is available at $ 10 per month. With a 7 day trial available for viewers free of cost. 

Sling TV Vs Hotstar:

After detailed research and analysis, it is clear that sling tv is the most popular website to view cricket in the USA. has recently launched Hotstar in USA to promote cricket fever and enhance cricket viewership. Sling TV and Hotstar are both in close competition to promote cricket viewership in the USA. Sling TV and Hotstar both offer monthly subscription at $ 10 per month. 

However, sling tv has a better market share than because Hotstar is a new entrant in the USA market. It will take time for customers to build trust on the application. 

Therefore, Sling TV offer an 8 day replay of the cricket matches so that if you miss something you can catch up easily. 

However, Hotstar therefore also has a free replay of the matches till the series is going on you won’t miss important updates.

Why is popular for Cricket? allows viewers to enjoy cricket at their convenience; they bring cricket matches accessible from anywhere in the world. is the official website which partners with sling tv and willows tv to showcase live cricket matches to cricket fans in the USA. 

However, Keeping in mind the cricket fever in the USA they also launched Hotstar to promote live streaming of cricket matches in the USA. 

For, they work on bringing sports content to the reach of the customer. For them creating a thrilling experience and delighting the customer is a top priority. 

Take away from the article: 

Best possible ways to enhance cricket live streaming viewership in the USA. How should make sports content available to viewers in the USA?. has a home channel partner called to promote viewership of live cricket matches. 

Other services involved in cricket matches include live cricket score, match replays, cricket schedules, watching cricket matches at your convenience. No right or wrong answer about which is the best website or service provider for cricket matches. However, It also depends on the personal choice of the viewers which platform would they choose to enhance their experience of watching a cricket match. 

Websites whose services are broken at the time of live streaming are more likely to be chosen by viewers. As no viewer will like an interrupted match, it forces them to lose interest in the match. 

Sling TV and willows TV are already market leaders for live cricket matches to be screened in the USA. will take some time to gather viewership in this market.

However, in other words in the meantime can partner with sling tv and willows tv to gain popularity in the US market. 

Showcasing candid moments of the match are engaging and interesting. More attention should be paid on therefore what are the cricket fans looking for while they opt for online streaming. 

Final Recommendations: 

In conclusion, can launch a local website catering to the demands of cricket fans in the USA. They can host live events online to create the buzz around cricket. Special packages can be designed to offer cricket live streaming subscriptions at affordable rates. should be promoted well for the cricket fans in the US market. 



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